DuoVital-Health LLC is a dietary supplement and natural products company established in the USA to provide value added, scientifically validated premium products for the human and veterinary markets.

Mobility Health Australia Pty Limited operates independently as a subsidiary of Duo Vital Health LLC and its founding partners are Will Godfrey and John Dean.

DuoVital-Health LLC has established numerous strategic partnerships, including one with a major international corporation, Livesto GmbH, the veterinary products subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, a large German conglomerate.  In addition, a partnership has been formed with Gramme-Revit International GmbH, an innovative natural products company focused on both human and animal health products, principally dietary supplements.
The company intends forming additional alliances with innovative veterinary, natural products and medical device companies.
An integral component of the company strategy is to access the highest quality products, that are supported by scientific evidence demonstrating effectiveness and safety. Developing additional scientific evidence is an ongoing commitment of the company to support the marketing of the products.
Through these strategic partnerships, the company has secured access to an selective  product range.
The initial company product focus is:
       • Joint Health and Mobility                - Human and Veterinary
       • Muscle Strength and Recovery      - Human and Veterinary
       • Stress and Anxiety                            - Veterinary
       • Skin Care                                            - Human
Geographically the company will initially operate in the United States and Australian markets with expansion into Canada planned in the future. This multi-market approach will enable the company to leverage our extensive network of veterinary and human medical contacts throughout the territory.