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Mobility Health Australia is establishing a small and exclusive network of affiliate's across Australia who will have primary responsibility for promotion of Mobility Health products to the general public.  These affiliate's will be known as Brand Ambassadors.

Mobility Health Brand Ambassadors are independent business identities operating under an agreement with Mobility Health Australia Pty Ltd.

Mobility Health Brand ambassadors will have exclusivity over a territory, region or market.  

What does a Brand Ambassador do?

A brand ambassador has an exclusive patch or market and it is excepted that the brand ambassador will establish relationships with key people in the area who can assist in promoting the product range.  This would be vets, associations, clubs, groomers and others who engage with dogs, cats or horses.

A brand ambassador will be active in promoting products through social media.

A brand ambassador will attend markets, shopping centres, shows etc as a means of promoting the product range and engaging with potential customers. 

 Brand ambassador Q & A

 What is the Mobility Health Brand ambassador program?

The Mobility Health Affiliate program enables brand ambassadors to earn commission by referring customers to the Mobility Health website to purchase products.  Brand ambassadors will be allocated commission on every sale that is made in an exclusive allocated territory, region. or market.

How do I become a Brand ambassador?

The affiliate program is operated by Mobility Health Australia.  Parties interested in becoming brand ambassadors will be required to complete an application form and undertake an interview with the Companies representatives.  If an applicant meets the requirements of the program the company’s representatives may make a formal offer over an exclusive territory, region or market.

How does the Brand ambassador program work?

A brand ambassador will be offered an exclusive territory or region which will usually be geographic in nature. 

Once the brand ambassador has met the requirements of the recruitment process, the brand ambassador will establish business credentials and thereafter undertake training to ensure that they have a strong understanding of the product range. 

The company will assist the brand ambassador with the development of operational plans and will provide ongoing support to the brand ambassador in meeting their business goals.  Brand ambassadors will receive commission for each sale made in their exclusive territory, region or market.

What are the costs involved in becoming a Brand ambassador?

There is no up- front fee to join the program.  There are a number of administrative and operational costs with establishing a business and the Brand ambassador will need to make allowance for these. 

Brand ambassadors will require a motor vehicle, phone, laptop or tablet, product samples, Mobility Health logo shirts and Mobility Health brochures. 

What commission is available to a Brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors will be allocated commission based upon sales in their exclusive territory, region or market. 

Commission will be distributed by reference to postcodes which are linked to the brand ambassador ID. 

Each brand ambassador will have a unique ID linked to the territory or region postcodes and Commissions will be paid monthly by the Company linking the unique ID to the territory or region postcodes. 

How large will a Brand Ambassador Territory or Region be?

There will be a limited number of brand ambassadors allocated across Australia

  • Territory Brand ambassadors which will range in size depending upon population, state and location. An example would be Northern Suburbs Perth or Hunter Valley and North Coast NSW.  These would be seen as high earning areas requiring extensive commitment.
  • Regional Brand ambassadors which may range in size from Mt Gambier to the Great Southern in WA but would suit a second source of income to supplement income from a full-time occupation.

How will a Brand ambassador be paid?

Each brand ambassador will receive a monthly reconciliation to a nominated bank account.  The brand ambassador will also receive a breakdown of all sales to the region or territory that is linked to the commission.

What are the expectations of a Brand ambassador?

Each brand ambassador will build a business plan with the Company and this will establish a 6 and 12 monthly guide noting the expectations of the brand ambassador in building a customer base.  Brand ambassadors will be required to provide a brief outline of activities that have been undertaken in each month. 

Brand ambassadors are expected to use their initiative in making contact with those individuals in their community who could benefit from utilizing Mobility Health Products. They would contact vets, dog groomers, dog and equestrian clubs and associations, they would attend events, shows or markets and they may attend seminars, conferences, shopping centres as they deem fit.

Will Brand ambassadors have access to New Products?

Brand ambassadors will have exclusive access to new products sourced by Mobility Health Australia as they become available in the nutritional supplement range.