Translating Great Science into Great Products

Over the past 15years German scientist's at Gramme-Revit GmbH have created products that assist animals to develop their full potential in times of increased physical load.  These products, which were developed in consultation with veterinarians purely for the benefit of companion pets and horses were subsequently found to provide equivalent benefits to humans.
Scientist's were able to combine naturally occurring elements to assist with joint mobility and through the extensive use of traditional plants (adaptogens) to produce a range of products to assist with performance and anxiety.  These revolutionary and unique products are now available in 30 countries.  These products are unique in their simplicity and exciting in providing great outcomes for humans, horses and companion pets in meeting their lifestyle goals.
The Company
USA Company, DuoVital Health LLC has established strategic partnerships with a major international corporation, Livesto GmbH, the veterinary products subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, a large German conglomerate.  In addition, a partnership has been formed with Gramme-Revit GmbH, an innovative natural products company focused on both human and animal health products, principally dietary supplements.
 Mobility Health Australia Pty Limited operates independently as a subsidiary of Duo Vital Health LLC.
Mobility Health products are now available in New Zealand through 
An integral component of the company strategy is to access the highest quality products, that are supported by scientific evidence demonstrating effectiveness and safety. Developing additional scientific evidence is an ongoing commitment of the company to support the marketing of the products.